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Eric MartinezVisual Designer | Forge3, Ltd.

Hey, how’s it going? My name is Eric Martinez! From logos to websites, I’m totally into clever and clean designs. I earned a BA of Science in Multimedia Design from DeVry University in the North Brunswick, NJ campus. It was an interesting experience learning on campus and online which would eventually help me prepare, along with other experiences, to become a member of the Forge3 team.

I found out about Forge3 while looking for a new career role in the web design field after doing a few years of freelancing and temp gigs. After checking out the posted position, I looked at their website, where I found myself thoroughly impressed with how clever and clean their website was. I knew I had to do my very best to join this team. As I get to know the Forge3 team, I get a great sense of how awesome and committed the team is to each other, as well as the clients they support.

I currently reside in Sayreville, NJ, with my beautiful wife, Rachael, and our three lovely children. Our oldest, the princess, is left-handed like me! And our two boys always have us laughing! Besides spending time with my family, during my downtime (which I don’t have much of currently), I like to watch design-related content on YouTube such as Chris Do from TheFutur channel. I also like to watch anime and do personal logo challenges.

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March 8, 2021

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Fun Fact

I was named after the actor, Eric Estrada, who starred in a TV show called “Chips” among other roles.