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Ian ZeidersManager of Content Management | Forge3, Ltd.

As Manager of Content Management by day, I insert Oxford commas where they belong, ensure no sentence goes by without being proofread, and check for consistency at every turn. With a background in creative writing from Susquehanna University, I try to bring a unique perspective to helping agencies stand out and stay relevant through the content I create.

When I’m not working, I typically have a lot going on between my creative projects, hobbies, and collections. For instance, I have a collection of 200 pairs of socks and counting, 70 hobby board games, and I am currently building out my vintage Star Wars collection. I have a full set of screen-accurate stormtrooper armor that I made from a kit and am working on 3D printing Mandalorian armor. I also started painting tabletop miniatures and have a few board games that I am working on getting published in the near future. And in my free time, I play a 20-year-old video game (Dark Age of Camelot) as a cleric.

I found a home at Forge3 back in 2019 and always look forward to working with the team and interacting with clients each day. I see the opportunity in everything and can’t let a day go by without utilizing my creative energy. The next time you speak with me, feel free to ask me anything about Star Wars, where to get the best cold brew coffee, which board games I would recommend to you, or how to paint a Bob Ross painting.

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May 28, 2019

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Fun Fact

I was a volunteer firefighter for over two years and went through lots of training to get my certification.