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The most important words a person can say are, 'I will do better.'

Joseph ErnstClient Experience Manager | Forge3, Ltd.

Hello there! I go by Joey, and I was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley and originally went to school for web design and web programming. I didn’t end up going to college but rather focused on my professional career as a Multi-Unit Manager. I’ve found through this my passion for people and just the general development and growth of others.

Starting at Forge3 as a Client Experience Manager has definitely been a culture shock for me. I originally came on board because I love anything tech-related, and I am fascinated by websites and all of the nuances that go into them. The first thing I noticed is how closely knit together everyone is and how the team looks out for one another, it’s almost like a family. I am very grateful for how caring and supportive their environment is, while always pushing each other to learn more and be better. I’ve always enjoyed seeing the growth and development of others whether that be a client, co-worker, and myself. I am very much looking forward to the journey Forge3 and Agency Revolution will take me on.

When I’m not working you can find me dabbling in anything nerd related. Whether that be playing computer games, listening to fast and angry music, Magic the Gathering card game, D&D, comic books, anime, YouTube, Twitch, ren faires, and even exploring all the different comic book shops out there. If there’s a convention anywhere whether that be tattoo or nerd related, I’m probably there!

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July 18, 2022

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Fun Fact

I used to compete in a US/Europe professional laser tag tournament in Las Vegas for three years!