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Michelle RobinsonVisual Designer | Forge3, Ltd.

I was born and raised in Northern California (Folsom, CA, to be exact, and yes, the Folsom Prison that Johnny Cash sang about is there!) before moving to Pennsylvania in 2006.

Since my arrival, I’ve earned a BFA in graphic design, slung coffees as a barista, and delved deep into the public school system’s data world. While I’ve only been at Forge3 for a short time, the team has already made it feel like home! It’s a blessing to have co-workers that feel like friends and to work somewhere I can sharpen my skills and practice my passion for design.

Outside of work, I love to exercise or talk about my Peloton equipment to anyone who will listen. I unwind by watching too much useless reality TV and love hanging out with my three stinky corgis, husband, and sassy baby girl.

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June 29, 2020

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Fun Fact

I met my husband on an online video game!