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Talitha HarryVisual Designer | Forge3, Ltd.

I’ve always been focused on design and art ever since I was a kid. At random times of the day, I would draw sketches here and there about random things I saw while walking in nature and I loved seeing how different colors could come together to make something so beautiful. This is what led me to pursue a degree in Web Design and Development at Lehigh Carbon Community College, which further proved to me that this was something I wanted to pursue a career in.

Prior to starting at Forge3, I worked in a lot of roles that focused more on assistance and customer support. Which, while it may have been rewarding, I still wanted the chance to take on a role that was more creative and artistic. I’m thankful that Forge3 gave me the chance to exercise these passions while working with a friendly, supportive team, and gave me the opportunity to create designs and layouts that make a positive impression on whoever comes across a website that I’ve helped to create.

In my free time, I’m either doing one of three things, watching funny videos on Youtube, playing games with my family, whether that be video games or board games, or I’m reading webcomics. I also love taking nature walks and discovering new scenery that I haven’t seen yet, either for the fun of it or to gain inspiration.

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July 18, 2022

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Fun Fact

My younger brother and I are born on the exact same day at around the exact same time but five years apart.