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4 ways insurance agencies use Hello Producer to build relationships

There are a lot of great sales tools incorporated within the ActiveAgency platform. Hello Producer is one of the cooler ones.

In case you need a little refresher: Hello Producer allows producers (or anyone at the agency, really) to send personalized versions of the agency website to clients and prospects. It’s as simple as adding their “tag” to the end of the link (for example: f3agency.com/#paul). Here’s what it looks like on the website.

Cool, huh?!

Now that you know how it works, here are a few ways insurance agencies are using Hello Producer to build relationships…and impress clients and prospects while doing so!

1. Personalize the links in your email

Email is powerful. VERY powerful. And we’re not just talking about marketing emails. We’re talking about ALL emails you send.

For example, let’s say you want to send a prospect a link to one of the Clickable Coverage graphics. Copy and paste the link to the page featuring the graphic into your email, but before you send it, add your “tag” to the end (like #paul). That way, when your prospect clicks the link, he’ll see your smiling face and contact info on the page.

And, keep in mind that Hello Producer works across all pages. So, even if your prospect clicks around and visits other pages, he’ll always see your info. In fact, it’ll be there even if he comes back to the website tomorrow or the next day.

It’s like magic.

2. Update your email signature

While we’re talking about email, how many emails do you send a day? A lot, right?

Update your email signature to include your agency’s website address – and, of course, be sure to add your “tag” to the end.

Boom! Just like that, you’re keeping your name in front of your valued relationships.

3. Update your business cards

Add your special Hello Producer link to your business cards, too.

We’ve had agencies reprint all of their business cards because of this. It’s a conversation starter, differentiates the agency and…wait for it…actually works for helping build and reinforce the relationship.

For bonus points, tell people to give it a try when you hand out your cards. It’ll be a great reminder for them to check out the agency, while also keeping you top-of-mind when they do.

4. Add a personal touch to your LinkedIn (and other social) posts

Over the past couple of years, LinkedIn has grown to be one of the most useful sales tools for insurance producers. 

Each time you share a link to your agency’s website on LinkedIn, add your Hello Producer tag to the end. Not only will you be driving traffic to the agency website (score!), but you’ll also be adding your own personal touch while keeping yourself visible (double score!).

The takeaway

Insurance isn’t just about handshakes and referrals. We’re in the digital age. However, it’s important to find a balance. Hello Producer allows you to drive “real world” relationships while adding a personal touch to your digital communications.

It’s easy, it works and it WOWs.

Get it in ActiveAgency.