Hello from Rehoboth Beach, DE!

No, I’m not on vacation. That will happen in a few weeks. Turks & Caicos, here we come!

I’m here for IA&B’s Convention. IA&B is one of Forge3’s earliest partners, so we enjoy doing whatever we can to support them and their member agencies.

The great experiment

As I was driving here, I realized that our “location independent” experiment from two years ago has exceeded even our own expectations.

I’m in Delaware. Monika is in Poland for the week visiting family. Zack is in Ohio. Everyone else is in various locations around Northeast Pennsylvania.

What’s amazing is that you wouldn’t know that unless I told you.

Business is up 86% compared to last year, our average ActiveAgency score is 9.96 out of 10 and we’re all pumped to be doing what we’re doing! And, oh, May was a record month.

So, yes, it’s possible to make remote work…work.

A look behind the curtain

Don’t take my word for it. Here are a few team photos, along with their thoughts on it.

An inside look at working remotely - Monika

“Working at Forge3 in a location independent environment means that I can work from all over the world.

Most recently I was able to take a 2-week, last-minute trip to Poland to visit my grandmother and other family I have not seen in 15 years. Even with a 6-hour time difference, I was able to enjoy precious time with family, tour my country of birth and manage my ActiveAgency team and projects.

I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

—Monika Baraket, ActiveAgency Project Manager

An inside look at working remotely - Brittany

“Being able to work in an environment that is flexible enough that I can frequently go ice skating at the rink during the day is a great perk to working remotely.

It allows me to have the opportunity to do what I enjoy and helps me to refresh my mind, granting me the ability to become more creative in my work.”

—Brittany Pannapacker, Layout Designer

An inside look at working remotely - Emily

“I think that the beauty of working remotely for Forge3 is the fact that work doesn’t have to get in the way of the fun parts of life.

Is there an amazing trip you’ve always wanted to go on? Want to take an afternoon walk with your dog on a beautiful day? Enjoy drinking your morning coffee on the back porch?

Thanks to a number of cool apps/tools and a group of colleagues that we can trust, we’re able to do all of those things (and more!) without missing a beat when it comes to our work. As long as we have Wi-Fi, we’re good to go!”

—Emily Burns, Digital Marketing Strategist

An inside look at working remotely - Liz

“Working from home allows for so much more creative freedom! I can take my laptop from my desk to my deck or to a different town all together.

However, the best part about working from home is that the company as a whole trusts each other more. We all work together to get company tasks accomplished and have faith in each other that the work will get done. It creates a strong team atmosphere that I am happy to work for!”

—Liz Allebach, Layout Designer

“Without the stress of a commute, I love that I can take the time to enjoy my morning coffee and prepare for the day ahead!”

—Rose Hayes, ActiveAgency Project Manager

An inside look at working remotely - Jamie

“Being location independent means I get to work in my ‘office’ with my ‘co-worker’ enjoying the sunshine! Vitamin D keeps the creative juices flowing!”

—Jamie Walker, ActiveAgency Content Manager

Those are just a few examples of how we do it. Of course, making it work requires the right team, tools and processes. I’ll share some of that down the road.

You may think we’re crazy. Or not.

Either way, you’re right.

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