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Top 3 ways insurance agencies generate business (chart)

Top 3 ways insurance agencies generate business (chart)

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I was looking through my photos and came across one that I thought was interesting.

We’ve attended a lot of conferences lately, but one of the more interesting things I’ve seen was a sticker chart at a Safeco booth. The idea was simple. Put a 1, 2 or 3 sticker on the board showing how the agency generates new business.

When Zack and I first arrived, it was empty. By the end of the conference, here’s what it looked like. Read More

Insurance agency SEO has never been easier (65+ new pages added to ActiveAgency w: Clickable Coverage!)

Insurance agency SEO has never been easier (65+ new pages added to ActiveAgency w/ Clickable Coverage!)

By Inside Forge3, Insurance, The Web

Reputation. It’s the one word I use most often with our Forge3 team.

To me, there’s nothing more important than maintaining our reputation in the industry. It’s taken 14 years to build, person-by-person, and it’s our #1 focus in everything that we do.

Reputation is more than a product or service. It’s more than great customer service. It’s more than being fast to respond to calls and emails. It’s more because it’s all of that.

I’ve seen many in our industry launch, grow, become complacent and die. They lose their mojo. They stop innovating. Service suffers. And, often times, their clients come to us as the beacon on the hill. Astonishing, isn’t it? ;) Read More

Insurance agency website SEO in 2018, and what's coming to ActiveAgency

Insurance agency website SEO in 2018, and what’s coming to ActiveAgency

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We made it! Welcome to 2018, the best year yet.

I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, but we did get a Peloton bike for Christmas. It’s pretty slick. It has a big touchscreen attached to it where you can stream live or recorded spin classes. If you have one, look me up. I’m pmjeff. Game on!

Anyway, on this morning’s ride, Jess King, one of the spin instructors, said,

“Put in the work when no one is watching.”

So true. Successful people are not lucky. There’s no such thing as overnight success. It takes time, patience and pure-grit hustle. Such is the case with SEO. Read More

5 ways insurance agencies can use website forms to improve business

5 ways insurance agencies can use website forms to improve business

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We are a society that has come to expect instant gratification. Whether we’re in the kitchen cooking 90 second rice or binge watching an entire season of our favorite Netflix show in one day, we hate having to wait.

And—you guessed it—the same goes for insurance.

That’s why we’ve worked to incorporate a number of impressive and time-saving tools into our ActiveAgency platform. These tools (like Hello Producer and Clickable Coverage) are designed to streamline the sales and servicing process.

Today, I wanted to share a few ideas for using one of the most popular features of ActiveAgency—Integrated Forms—to improve efficiency, simplify the customer experience and be a better, more connected insurance agency. Read More

School is in session (an easy idea to grow your audience)

How insurance producers, agencies and carriers can use education to grow

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Last week, Emily Burns and I were at the Chubb Conference Center just outside of Philadelphia for the IA&B Futures Conference.

Even though Emily is actively working on her Master’s of Education degree and comes from a strong education background, it’s the first time we teamed up to deliver a training program. It was awesome! It’s great to see so many fresh faces getting into the industry.

Here are a few photos (click them to see the comments on LinkedIn). Read More

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