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Q: Should I get rid of unwanted Facebook friends?

By | Quick Tips, Social Media

Bill wrote in with this question: “I’ve got some serious concerns about who’s ‘friending’ our Facebook page. For example, what are the potential motives of us being linked to an element that appears to have nothing to do with our business? Can they hijack our brand? Should we de-activate our Facebook page?” Great question, Bill. Here are some of our thoughts. Read More


Q: When’s the best time to send marketing emails?

By | Q&A, Quick Tips

Email marketing statistics can vary by industry and by audience. If you’re a B2B company marketing to senior level executives, your open and click rates for an email sent on Monday at 8am may be very different than if you’re a B2C company marketing to new parents. There are so many factors to consider, making it hard to pinpoint that perfect time to send an email. Read More


16 LinkedIn dos and don’ts

By | Social Media

LinkedIn is a great platform for professional networking. But what about LinkedIn etiquette? Are there certain rules you should follow? We think so. Here are 16 LinkedIn dos and don’ts to help you get the most out of the time you spend on LinkedIn. Read More


What NOT to take away from the Oscars

By | In the Office, Inspiration

40.3 million people tuned in to watch the Oscars on Sunday night – Hollywood’s biggest night of the year. Although the show’s ratings have been questionable in recent years, the Oscars usually always deliver one thing – great people watching! The who’s who of Hollywood come decked out in their best (and sometimes worst) and the next day we all want to know how to nab those same looks for less. That’s fine, but let’s apply this copycat approach to business for a second. Here’s what we mean. Read More


Show your face with Gravatar

By | The Web

Years ago, most people using the Internet wanted to remain anonymous. But, with the popularity of social media, being anonymous online is a thing of the past. These days, showing your face is a good thing. It helps build relationships. Here’s how to do it using a free service called Gravatar. Read More


Q: Can Google see my website?

By | Quick Tips, The Web

Have you ever wondered if Google knows that your website is even out there? Can they see your content? Can people find you when they search for you? Today, we’re going to show you – prove to you – that Google can, in fact, see your website. Here’s how. Read More

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