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Back in action (fatherhood and beyond)

By June 26, 2012 February 4th, 2019 No Comments

Where did the time go? If you’re a parent, you know that kids have a funny way of impacting a schedule! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a few weeks since my last post. What’s ironic is that a LOT has been happening around here.

We launched a beautiful new client website, started marketing our Safestacks password management app and began development on our first mobile gaming app called MobileMoment.

And, oh yeah, I’m still very much a new dad and loving it.


So, here’s something I didn’t expect. My last article, titled “Two weeks of fatherhood,” was the most read and responded to article we’ve ever posted. Really. As soon as I hit the publish button in WordPress, people started to reach out with their “congrats” and advice. It was a overwhelming in the best way possible. But, what made that article different?

Personality. That article, above everything else that I or my colleagues have written in the past, showed the personal side of business. It showed that Forge3 isn’t just a cold company with four walls and computers. We have a soul. We’re made up of people. With families.

Think about this the next time you write ANYTHING for your business. I’m not saying you have to share everything about yourself, but make sure your communications have a soul. At the end of the day, business is still all about people. Don’t forget that.


We originally created Safestacks because we needed it to keep track of our clients’ usernames and passwords. We then realized that other people needed it, too. While we’ve been using Safestacks for a while now, we just started actively marketing it this month. It’s a really nice system. Feel free to kick the tires here:

By the way, I was interviewed a few week ago on the radio. I’m told the recording will be posted on SoundCloud soon. Here’s the link:


So, as a side project back in 2006, I created ispott. Long story short, we ended up running the world’s first mobile scavenger hunt game with Microsoft and Sprite. It was a blast.

That was before iPhones, apps and all of the other stuff we have today. So, I’m excited to announce that we’re bringing it back in a very special way and calling it anyMoment.

And, if you have any connections to brands or companies that advertise nationally, let’s chat ASAP.

P.S. Fatherhood is still great. Baby Teschke is sleeping, well, like a baby and is being so good. We either lucked out or the “bad part” is coming. Either way, we’re ready. I think.