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Q: Can Google see my website?

By February 18, 2013 February 4th, 2019 No Comments

Have you ever wondered if Google knows that your website is even out there? Can they see your content? Can people find you when they search for you? Today, we’re going to show you – prove to you – that Google can, in fact, see your website. Here’s how.

1. Go to google.com.

2. In the search bar, enter the following:

site:yoursitename.com (replace yoursitename.com with your website address)

3. That’s it! Google will show you the pages they can see on your site.

Improve your results

If you’ve spent hours trying to figure out why your website doesn’t show up on Google, the problem may be with your site. First, be sure that your website was professionally built. Proper code is important. Then, be sure that you’re adding great content to your site as much as possible – usually in the form of a blog. Google (and your audience) loves ongoing content. Other quick tips include linking to-and-from other websites in your industry, being active on social media and having a fast web server. All of those things matter if you want to rise in the rankings.

We’ll SEE you online!