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Introducing Power Panels, a proven way to boost insurance agency website conversions

Introducing Power Panels, a proven way to boost insurance agency website conversions 🎉

By ActiveAgency, Inside Forge3, Insurance, The Web

Getting people to your insurance agency’s website is half the battle.

But, what happens after they get there? That’s the other half.

Ideally, you want them to stick around, learn about the agency, and ultimately feel comfy taking the next step.

Today, I’m excited to announce Power Panels, the latest feature we’re adding to ActiveAgency! Read More

Clickable Coverage now includes Nightclub and Bar

Clickable Coverage now includes Nightclub and Bar 🍻

By ActiveAgency, In the Office, Inside Forge3, Insurance

Clickable Coverage is one of the most popular features of ActiveAgency.

Producers use these interactive graphics to keep insurance prospects focused on the benefits of having the right coverage rather than the cost of the policy. There are dozens of graphics in the collection already, and today we’re adding another. Raise a glass, because Nightclub and Bar is #29! 🍻 Read More

Say hello to Ewa!

Say hello to Ewa!

By In the Office, Inside Forge3

Hi there! My name’s Ewa (pronounced Eva, or some like to call me Ava) and I’m the new Visual Designer here at Forge3!

I was born and raised in a small town in Poland where I spent the first three years of my life. Afterwards my parents bravely decided to take the whole family (my brother, sister and me) and immigrate to New York City so we could have a better life and more opportunities in the future. Although moving came with a lot of challenges, especially for my parents, the U.S. soon became our home sweet home! Read More


Our Production Team does NYC (videos / photos)

By Inside Forge3, Inspiration
Life at Forge3 happens fast, especially for the Production Team!

Every day, we do our very best to create unique, customized insurance websites for independent agencies. We handle everything from website content to custom design…while also making sure all of the cool sales tools and techy stuff is working like it should along the way. We don’t miss a beat.

But we don’t just work hard, we play hard, too! Check out some highlights from our latest Team Day to New York City! Read More

Some things you just can't outsource

Some things you just can’t outsource

By ActiveAgency, Digital Marketing, In the Office, Inside Forge3, Inspiration, Insurance, Off the Cuff, Quick Tips, Social Media, The Web

I can’t have someone else write this post.

Trust me, some weeks I wish I could! But, I’m the host of the show. The founder of the company. My voice. The Forge3 vibe. The 5,000+ people who read these articles have come to expect me to show up in their inbox.

The same is true for your business. Only you (or someone else on the INSIDE) can truly communicate your vibe to the outside world!

I think about the conversation I had with an agency owner last week. He was asking if we could write all of his blog posts, emails and social posts.

Nope. Sorry. We’d love to, but we can’t.

I know it’s tempting to outsource everything. It’s hard to find the time. It’s too confusing to know how to do it. Whatever the reason.

But it’s YOUR job to tell YOUR story! Read More