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How insurance agencies can sell 15-20% more with video proposals

How insurance agencies can sell 15-20% more with video proposals

By ActiveAgency, Inspiration, Insurance, Quick Tips

Insurance can be a tricky thing to sell. You and I know that not all insurance is the same. There are numerous coverage options, policy types, and premiums to go with them.

If you’re like most, you spend most of your day educating prospects and proposing your suggested insurance solution. But this is tough to do via email, and it’s not always possible to sit face-to-face with every prospect to walk through the options.

This is where video proposals can change your world. Read More


Our Production Team does NYC (videos / photos)

By Inside Forge3, Inspiration
Life at Forge3 happens fast, especially for the Production Team!

Every day, we do our very best to create unique, customized insurance websites for independent agencies. We handle everything from website content to custom design…while also making sure all of the cool sales tools and techy stuff is working like it should along the way. We don’t miss a beat.

But we don’t just work hard, we play hard, too! Check out some highlights from our latest Team Day to New York City! Read More

Some things you just can't outsource

Some things you just can’t outsource

By ActiveAgency, Digital Marketing, In the Office, Inside Forge3, Inspiration, Insurance, Off the Cuff, Quick Tips, Social Media, The Web

I can’t have someone else write this post.

Trust me, some weeks I wish I could! But, I’m the host of the show. The founder of the company. My voice. The Forge3 vibe. The 5,000+ people who read these articles have come to expect me to show up in their inbox.

The same is true for your business. Only you (or someone else on the INSIDE) can truly communicate your vibe to the outside world!

I think about the conversation I had with an agency owner last week. He was asking if we could write all of his blog posts, emails and social posts.

Nope. Sorry. We’d love to, but we can’t.

I know it’s tempting to outsource everything. It’s hard to find the time. It’s too confusing to know how to do it. Whatever the reason.

But it’s YOUR job to tell YOUR story! Read More

Technology + human touch = the sweet spot for insurance agencies

Technology + human touch = the sweet spot for insurance agencies

By Inspiration, Off the Cuff, Quick Tips

I love technology. You should, too.

It’s the one thing we can all use to get an advantage.

It makes us more efficient. It saves us money. It allows us to reach more people.

Technology should also play a pretty big part in creating an awesome customer experience.

But, that doesn’t mean it replaces the human touch. People should always be what makes us and the experience we’re all trying to create (with the help of technology) special and memorable.

Here’s one little example… Read More

Two ways insurance agencies can attract millennial employees

Two ways insurance agencies can attract millennial employees

By Ashley's Angle, In the Office, Inspiration, Insurance, Off the Cuff, Quick Tips

If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘The Internship’ you’d probably agree with me that Google looks like the coolest place on earth to work. Nap pods. Slides instead of stairs. In house café and dry cleaning. Team building games and challenges.

While nap pods in an insurance agency are not realistic and slides instead of stairs probably have you screaming “LIABILITY HAZARD!” there’s something to take away from this: they’re doing something right with creating a positive culture.

I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve seen about how to attract millennials. But the truth is, the changes being made in the workplace are attractive to anyone in the workforce—avocado-toast-obsessed millennials or not! So while this article may be focused on the secret to snagging a millennial’s attention, it can really be applied to attracting talent across the board.

So, without further ado, what’s it going to take to fill the gap in the insurance workforce? Read More