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50 years from now

By Inspiration, Off the Cuff

He was in his 80s, with a tired smile and steel blue eyes behind thick glasses. He had a beat up old wallet full of wrinkled papers and a few dollar bills, and leaned on one of those fancy canes I’ve seen on TV infomercials a few times. I don’t know his name, where he was from or much else, but our paths crossed at the dentist the other day. We were both at the check-out desk confirming our insurance details (why is that so confusing?!) and finalizing our next appointments. We struck up a casual conversation as the woman behind the desk fiddled with the printer. It inspired me (his story, not the broken printer). Here’s what I learned. Read More


How we rock at Forge3

By In the Office, Off the Cuff, Quick Tips

Right now, we’re rocking to 92.7 WEOW FM, broadcasting live from the sunny Florida Keys. If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the ocean breezes and hear the waves crashing next to me. Reality check, though! I’m still sitting at my desk here at our Forge3 offices in rainy Lehigh Valley, PA. What’s our secret? Sonos. Read More


What I learned from my first skiing trip

By Inspiration, Off the Cuff

Just before this snowy winter comes to a close, I had the opportunity to experience skiing for the first time in my life. I know, hard to believe that someone in her adult life has never gone skiing before, but after a few clumsy accidents as a kid my parents weren’t exactly eager to send me out to the slopes. I decided it was time to give it a try, and here are some of the important things I learned on the mountain.  Read More


Meet Marissa!

By In the Office, Off the Cuff

Meet-Marissa-2This week we’re thrilled to welcome Marissa Hann to our team as Senior Project Lead, Content Coordinator. Marissa joins us with an expansive knowledge of social media and public relations – equipped to reach target audiences through various channels. Previously she played an integral role in the growth of an international consulting firm, traveling throughout the US and Europe to meet with clients and coordinate events. Most recently Marissa managed campaigns with an integrated marketing agency, achieving exposure for brands through national media outlets.

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2014 is the year of…

By Off the Cuff

Each year, we look back on the year that was and ahead on the year that will be. We’ve even taken a shot a making a few predictions in years past (here and here). So, to keep the trend alive, here are a few things we have our eyes on for 2014 and beyond.

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Thank you

By Off the Cuff

Happy Thanksgiving! From all of us to all of you, THANK YOU for allowing us to play a small part in your life. This year, we’ve helped more than 55 businesses with projects big and small. We’re honored and inspired to call you clients, colleagues and friends. THANK YOU for allowing us to do what we do – helping you do what you do.

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Why now is the best time to send cards and gifts

By In the Office, Off the Cuff, The Web

Right around now, we start to see glimpses of the upcoming holiday season sneaking into our otherwise routine lives. And, no matter how much we THINK we’re ready for it, we feel behind. Fortunately, Thanksgiving, the next big holiday on the calendar, doesn’t require picture-postcard gifts under a tree. But, now IS the ideal time to send a little something to your best customers and clients. Are you going to? Or, are you going to wait, like most, until December – just in time to blend in with everyone else? We know you’re busy, so here are a few sites we like for staying ahead of the pack and making an impact…right now.

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The lost art of managing expectations

By Off the Cuff

Is there anything more important in business than managing expectations? When done correctly, people are WOWed. When done poorly, people are disappointed, let down and never come back. Personally, this week has been full of events that underscore the importance of setting and managing expectations correctly. Here’s what happened, and what I (and perhaps you) can learn from it. Read More


The ROI of social media

By Off the Cuff, Social Media

If you’ve designated some funds in your marketing budget towards social media marketing or are considering adding social media to your current marketing plan, one question has probably crossed your mind on more than one occasion. “How do I measure my return on investment?”

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The trouble with technology

By Off the Cuff, Social Media, The Web

Just the other day, a friend called wanting to talk about her latest business idea for an online health site and wellness store. As with any new business venture, the conversation quickly turned to the ever-increasing list of technologies needed to launch a business that looks “real” to the outside world. Company name. Logo. Domain name. Email addresses. Website. Blog. Social media. The list goes on. Read More