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Managing your online reputation

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We all know the old phrase. Satisfied customers tell three friends, if they’re disappointed they’ll tell even more. With blogs, social media sites, product-review pages, and more, the number of ears and eyes learning about our businesses is skyrocketing. How do we manage our reputation once someone hits the social media soapbox? It’s not as tricky as you may think if you just follow a few golden rules. Read More


How we rock at Forge3

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Right now, we’re rocking to 92.7 WEOW FM, broadcasting live from the sunny Florida Keys. If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the ocean breezes and hear the waves crashing next to me. Reality check, though! I’m still sitting at my desk here at our Forge3 offices in rainy Lehigh Valley, PA. What’s our secret? Sonos. Read More


Something worth sharing

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As attention spans get shorter and the online landscape gets more crowded, we’re all competing to be seen and heard. But how? One of the best ways to break through is to share what you know in a visual way. That’s why infographics are all the rage. Content is shareable, visual and easy to understand. Case in point. We used, a free web service, to create a great little infographic based on a recent LinkedIn training program we conducted. Let’s take a look. Read More


What are you broadcasting on LinkedIn?

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It’s happened to all of us. You make a quick edit to your LinkedIn profile, and suddenly all of your connections are reacting to the update. Then you think to yourself, “I didn’t realize that everyone would see that update!” Good news! There is a way to control who sees when you make updates to your skills, employment, and other crucial information. Read More


Ellen’s Oscar selfie, lessons learned

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It was the selfie seen ‘round the world after Ellen Degeneres gathered the perfect range of celebrities for her famous tweet from the Oscars. On Sunday evening, Twitter released an apology for the 20-minute service disruption (the tweet has now been retweeted a record-breaking 3 million+ times).  We may not all have celebrity status or the red carpet to ensure viral content, but there are a few marketing tips we could all learn from the stunt.

Read More

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