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Ashley's Angle - How insurance agents can prevent the post-conference crash and turn ideas into reality

Ashley’s Angle: How insurance agents can prevent the post-conference crash and turn ideas into reality

By Ashley's Angle, Inspiration, Insurance, Social Media

“Red Bull of Insurance: Every agent needs this conference in their life. The attendees. The staff. The speakers. All incredible. Want to get pumped up about the insurance industry again? Sign up for 2018 now and don’t miss out again.”

That was my review of Agency Nation’s 2017 Elevate conference this year. I affectionately dubbed this conference the “Red Bull of Insurance.”

It was eye opening. It was informative. It got my heart racing. It was a blast. And most of all—it got me fired up and motivated to get back to the office and make moves. Read More

How to generate leads with the help of social media

How to generate leads with the help of social media

By Inside Forge3, Insurance, Social Media

Over the past few weeks, we’ve broken down social media and how it can be used successfully within the insurance industry.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap: In part one, we learned about the value of social media for insurance agencies. Then, in part two, we touched on how to harness the true power of social media through the use of targeted social ads.

Now that we know the power of very targeted social advertising, let’s round out this three-part series by discussing how social ads can be used as a lead generation tool. Read More

Does social maedia work for insurance agencies?

Does social media work for insurance agencies?

By Inside Forge3, Insurance, Social Media

There’s no doubt about it, social media is a powerful tool. But when we think of social media, most of us think of large, well-known companies like Wendy’s and Old Spice (just to name a few).

We know it works for the big players, but we’re left with the question:

Does social media REALLY work for insurance agencies?

In short: YES! – but it depends upon how you use it. Read More

LinkedIn has a new look!

LinkedIn has a new look!

By Inside Forge3, Social Media

As you may have noticed, LinkedIn is looking a little bit different these days. Okay… not just a little bit. A LOT different.

The new design is focused on simplifying user experience and bringing content and conversations to the forefront (think: easier communication with prospective clients). Here are just a few of the new/updated features: Read More

53% of emails are opened on mobile devices

53% of emails are opened on mobile devices

By Quick Tips, Social Media, The Web

In a study just released by email testing platform Litmus, they discovered that a majority of us (53% to be exact) now read emails on our mobile devices.

I can confirm that number in looking at our own Forge3 email statistics. Last year, we saw the tipping point when mobile usage surpassed traditional desktop usage for our weekly email blasts.

Considering that smartphones and tablets didn’t exist until a little while ago, this is pretty amazing!

Here’s what you need to know and do to embrace the changing tide of email. Read More

Getting published on LinkedIn

By Social Media, The Web

In February 2014, LinkedIn began allowing all of us mere mortals to write articles on their publishing platform. Now, on a weekly basis, LinkedIn members are publishing an average of 40,000 posts. Wow! So, as we like to do, we’ve been experimenting with it the last few months (here’s a sample) and have been quite surprised at the results. Here’s what we learned and how you can benefit from posting your own articles on LinkedIn. Read More

A quick recap of #ForgeAhead2014

A quick recap of #ForgeAhead2014

By Quick Tips, Social Media, The Web

Last week, we held our first daylong seminar in front of a sold out crowd of business owners and go-getters. We called it #ForgeAhead2014 (because anything with a hashtag in front of it sounds cool). Since not all of you were able to make it, I wanted to share a quick recap of what we covered, complete with a bunch of links to some very slick web-based services and apps you may want to check out. Enjoy! Read More

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