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Cover me, I'm going in

There’s a saying in business.

“Work ON the business vs. IN the business.”

What’s the difference?

I view working IN the business as us just doing our jobs. Answering emails. Making calls. Delivering value. It’s the busy work that consumes most of our time.

Working ON the business is more strategic. Where are we heading? What changes should we make to get there? What have we learned along the way? How can we improve?

If you’re like me, it’s far too easy to get pulled into the “busy work” IN the business.

Emails never stop. The phone keeps ringing. There’s always more to do.

We feel like this…

Cover me, I'm going in - 1

It’s all good stuff, unless it prevents us from focusing ON the big picture, right?

The view from 30,000 feet

So, I blocked off the last two weeks of the year to focus ON the business.

No meetings. No calls. Limited “deliverable” work.

For me, this time is precious. It’s a chance to reflect, be creative and focus.

I’ll share the results once I return in a few weeks. By the way, you already have a pretty good idea of where I’ll be focused.

Of course, business will continue to operate as usual thanks to our exceptional team. The show must go on!

Thank you, 2015

Before the ball drops on another year, I simply wanted to say thank you.

Whether you’re a client, partner, friend or fan, it’s truly awesome to know that we’re able reach, inspire and help as many people “embrace the web” as we do.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and adventure-filled 2016!