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Email works better than social media, here are the 2016 numbers

Email, just like this one, isn’t sexy.

But guess what. It works better than just about anything else.

Our email marketing partner, Campaign Monitor, recently released their year-end report (check it out here, it’s quite beautiful). A few key takeaways…

  • $44 ROI for every dollar spent (compared to $38 in 2015)
  • 68% of emails are opened on mobile devices (compared to 21% in 2012)
  • 74% more conversions generated by email marketing than social media
  • Email automation is increasingly popular and powerful

Relationships are built using email

I’ve seen firsthand how powerful email can be. In fact, emails like the one you’re reading are a primary driver of our record-setting growth year-over-year.

It works for us, and it can work for you, too.

Our Digital Marketing Team works with businesses across the country. Sure, we leverage all of today’s channels, including social media, targeted ads, content marketing, blogging, search optimization and more. All of these are great for capturing email addresses, too.

For example, we may use a targeted Facebook ad to drive prospects to a page with a place to enter an email address. Then, once we have that, we can send emails on a consistent schedule (at least monthly) to build trust and nurture those relationships over time. It really does work.

“I want you to spam me” (said no one ever)

You may think that people get so many emails that they don’t want yours. That’s true, unless you send something they actually want to read! What a concept.

For me, one of the best things about keynoting industry events across the country is getting the chance to see so many people face-to-face. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have approached us saying how much they enjoy receiving our emails each week. Really. Emails.

So, as we enter 2017, think about how you can better leverage your email strategy.

You do have an email strategy, right?

Happy 2017!