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Facebook ads get (even more) personal

By February 26, 2014 August 20th, 2016 No Comments

With an increase in demand for Facebook ads, the company has responded by increasing the options for specific audience segments. There is even a handy little meter that illustrates how narrow you have made your audience. Here are a few of the more interesting additions.



Location – One of the greatest benefits for businesses is to target people within a certain radius of their company. If you know there is a group you want to reach within 10 – 50 miles from a zip code, you can do it!

Demographic – Reach your audience by a specific category such as relationship status, education level, or career. New features allow you to target people who have made these updates within 3-6 months, or a whole year ago.

Interests – There are general categories to target interests, but now you can determine specific examples to reach people. For instance, rather than just being interested in “Cooking”, find people who are interested in “cooking schools”, “cooking shows”, or “cooking recipes”.

Behaviors – What do people like on Facebook? Strategically aligning yourself with a person who likes a similar brand will give you more visibility on their newsfeed. These Partner Categories allow you to target your campaign to a niche audience.

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