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A fresh, new look for Clickable Coverage

Just when you thought Clickable Coverage couldn’t get any cooler…

Clickable Coverage—our breakthrough sales tool that allows insurance agencies and carriers to educate about coverages in a fun and interactive way—just got a makeover.

We’ve transformed all 18 of our personal and commercial lines graphics from a cartoon style to a more professional, photo-realistic look using the same tools architects use to design buildings. Cool, right?

Drag the arrow back and forth across the photo below to see the transformation:

Clickable Coverage has never looked better (a sneak peek) - 5 Clickable Coverage - Home

Want to see more? Explore our growing portfolio of new-and-improved Clickable Coverage graphics here.

Why use Clickable Coverage?

Let’s face it… insurance can be somewhat dry. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate attention-grabbing, interactive tools into the sales process. And Clickable Coverage is just that.

Clickable Coverage can be utilized in many ways, from placing the graphics on your agency website to walking through them on your tablet while meeting with a prospect.

And, it doesn’t hurt that the results are proven. On average, prospects spend over six minutes exploring Clickable Coverage graphics. Wow!

What does that mean for ActiveAgency?

Our ActiveAgency platform seamlessly integrates a number of useful and innovative sales tools like Hello Producer, integrated forms and—yes, you guessed it—Clickable Coverage. That means that all ActiveAgency sites will now include the updated versions of the graphics at no additional cost.

Want to know more about ActiveAgency or Clickable Coverage? Have an idea for a new Clickable Coverage graphic to add to our growing portfolio? Connect with us