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Getaway – The Aran Islands

By January 30, 2014 August 20th, 2016 No Comments

With all of this cold weather, who’s not looking to get away for a while? This week, we think we’ve got the perfect place. Situated at the mouth of Galway Bay, Ireland, the Aran Islands are known for their landscapes and historical monuments. This group of three islands beckons travelers from all corners of the world looking to experience the rich history of one of the few remaining outposts of traditional Irish culture. Let’s explore!

What to see


The largest of the Aran Islands, Inishmore is famous for its strong cultural ties and preservation of the Celtic language.

Dun Eochla

This well preserved fort is one of many on the islands.

Joe Watty’s Pub

Grab a pint with the locals while listening to some live authentic tunes at this quaint country pub.


The least populated of the islands, Inishmaan offers many historic sites tucked between breathtaking landscapes.

Teach Synge

Tour the cottage where the famous Irish playwright, John Millington Synge, was inspired to write some of his most notable works.

Leaba Dhiarmuid agus Grainne

Named after a pair of tragic lovers from Irish mythology, this collapsed tomb is a must-see for tourists.

Inis Oirr

The smallest of the islands, Inis Oirr is home to some of the biggest gems from Ireland’s past.

Wreck of Plassey

Tossed high on the rocks by the Atlantic waves in the 1960’s, the old cargo vessel has found new life on land.

O’Brien’s Castle

Built in 1585, this three story castle overlooks the Atlantic.

Where to Stay

Inis Meain Restaurant and Suites is an exclusive 5 suite hotel retreat that offers spacious accommodations designed for the island explorer in mind.

Ready to pack your bags?