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Going undercover on LinkedIn

Cheese! This week, I’m writing to you from beautiful Wisconsin – home of great beer, cheese and sports…none of which I had time to enjoy this time around!

I was here doing our “Leveraging LinkedIn” training program for about 30 salespeople. One asked this common question…

I get emails from LinkedIn showing me the people who have visited my profile. On the flip side, what if I don’t want people to know that I’m looking at their profiles? Is there a setting for that?

Good question.

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1

Hover over your smiling face (your ARE smiling, aren’t you?), and click “Privacy & Settings”.

Going undercover on LinkedIn - 1

Step 2

Click “Privacy” and find the “Profile viewing options” area. Click to expand it.

Going undercover on LinkedIn - 2

Step 3

Adjust as necessary. It’s as simple as that.

Like most things in life, however, there is a catch.

If you “hide” yourself like this you’re giving up access to LinkedIn’s Profile Stats. So, if you want to see who’s viewed your profile and have access to other interesting stats, you’ll want to remain visible.

Here’s a screenshot of my profile stats…which I’d lose if I went undercover.

Going undercover on LinkedIn - 3

Or, how about this?

That’s one way to do it. Here’s another, perhaps easier, way…

You could simply log out of LinkedIn or use a different browser to search for the person using Google. Then, click the link in the Google results to view his/her profile. Since you’re logged out, LinkedIn can’t track the activity back to you, thereby accomplishing the same thing as adjusting your settings.

Sneaky, eh?