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How insurance agencies should handle Hurricane Florence (in a digital world)

Well, here comes Hurricane Florence.

I don’t care if it’s a hurricane, earthquake, flood, fender bender or something else.

When bad stuff happens, it’s time for your agency to shine.

It’s also when having technology on your side is a BIG advantage. Let’s use Hurricane Florence as an example.

A website that’s ready

People affected need information, advice and help. Be there for them.

Update your website and include a message telling people what they should do if they have a claim. If you’re using ActiveAgency, the Notification Bar feature makes this incredibly simple. Visit our F3 Agency demo site to see how it might look.

How insurance agencies should handle Hurricane Florence (in a digital world) - Notification BarThis simple bar shows up across the bottom of every page, making it impossible to miss. Clients can easily access the “Report Claim” page or even track the storm live.

For bonus points, offer live chat, too!

Email that’s ready

Send an email to clients with resources and steps to follow before, during and after the storm. How should they prepare? What should they do if they have a claim?

In the email, include a link to your “Report Claim” page on the agency website. Clients can start the claims process by completing a simple online form or contacting you by phone or email.

The easier the process, the more we shine as an industry.

How insurance agencies should handle Hurricane Florence (in a digital world) - ActiveAgency Report Claim PageBy the way, if you can’t easily email all of your clients today, grab a free MailChimp account and import your clients. Then, the next time you have something to say, you’ll be ready.

Social media that’s ready

Get the word out on social media.

Post storm updates and share steps your agency is taking to prepare. Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of you and the team getting ready.

If your office loses power, tell people how to contact you. Send people to your website to start the claims process, as needed.

Above all else, show people that you’re there for them when they need you most.

This stuff isn’t rocket science. I get it. But 95% of agencies won’t do anything.

Hurricane Florence and similar events are chances to show that we’re human, we care and are ready to help. The smallest things can truly make the biggest difference.

We can earn a client for life…or lose them forever.

It’s your call.

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