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School is in session (an easy idea to grow your audience)

Last week, Emily Burns and I were at the Chubb Conference Center just outside of Philadelphia for the IA&B Futures Conference.

Even though Emily is actively working on her Master’s of Education degree and comes from a strong education background, it’s the first time we teamed up to deliver a training program. It was awesome! It’s great to see so many fresh faces getting into the industry.

Here are a few photos (click them to see the comments on LinkedIn).
School is in session (an easy idea to grow your audience) - 1
School is in session (an easy idea to grow your audience) - 2
School is in session (an easy idea to grow your audience) - 3

Learn. Do. Grow. – more than a tagline

If you look closely at our logo, you’ll see the words “Learn. Do. Grow.” Education has always been a big part of what we do – from the day we opened our doors in 2004.

Most of what we do each day is related to education. Technology moves so quickly. Our job is to keep up, adapt and share what we know so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Our goal is quite simple – to inspire.

If we’re able to do that, it’s a lot easier and less scary for you to take action and embrace the change that is absolutely critical to keep up in today’s fast-moving, insuretech-looming, direct-to-consumer world.

Teacher vs. student

As you know, we work with a lot of agencies and carriers across the country (and the world). Often, they ask what we recommend to increase their exposure across certain lines of business – whether it’s Personal Lines, Commercial Lines or otherwise.

Here’s something to try…

Find a way to get in front of your target audience using education. How?

Maybe it’s a webinar that you promote to your existing clients. Ask them to invite a friend or colleague. Do it for free, record it and share the recording afterward on social media. Capture email address when people watch it and follow-up with them.

Or, maybe it’s an in-person event held at your office. Invite the local community, clients and referral partners and have an open conversation about a hot topic. Prepare a one-page handout and include your business card. Do it monthly and promote it via your website, social media and email.

Of course, those are just two quick ideas. Regardless of how you do it, you’ll show your expertise, build trust and reinforce those lifelong relationships.

And, as we know, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Learn. Do. Grow.