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How to share your Facebook posts beyond Facebook

By August 7, 2013 August 20th, 2016 No Comments

Have you ever wanted to link directly to a specific post on your Facebook page, outside of the Facebook platform? Maybe you wanted to promote a Facebook contest on Twitter. Or, maybe you wanted to encourage more comments and likes on that special announcement. Whatever the reason, it can be done – easily. Here’s how.

1. Head over to your Facebook page

By the way, this also works on your personal Facebook profile.

2. Find the post you would like to share

3. Click on the date and time stamp



4. Copy the unique URL and share, share, share



Where to share Facebook content

You may be wondering where exactly you should share Facebook posts. Good question! Here are a few suggestions.

  1. On Twitter
  2. In a blog post
  3. Via email
  4. On Pinterest
  5. Pretty much anywhere you can add a hyperlink

The type of Facebook content you should share

You don’t want to share every Facebook post, everywhere. But, there are some posts that deserve a little extra attention. Here are a few ideas on what Facebook posts you may want to share beyond Facebook.

  1. A post about a Facebook contest you’re running
  2. A Facebook Offer post
  3. A post linking to a Facebook event page
  4. A post linking to a Facebook photo or photo album
  5. Any post you would like to draw additional attention to

Go ahead. Give your Facebook posts a boost by sharing them beyond Facebook.