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Insurance - an old-fashioned industry that’s ready for a shakeup

At the end of January, a number of forward-thinking venture capitalists at the Economist Finance Disrupted conference in London were asked what the hottest area for fintech investment is right now. Their resounding answer: insurance.

Why’s that, you ask?

The insurance industry is a large one, and it’s one of the very few areas of finance that has not already been “disrupted” by the technology industry. While most industries have experienced a shakeup thanks to new digital technologies, insurance is still operating with a surprising amount of traditional paperwork.

This isn’t all bad, though.

As you well know, business of any kind is all about forming great relationships. That’s something that will never change. However, the lack of digital technology in insurance presents an exciting opportunity—how can insurance professionals utilize new technologies to make traditional relationship building easier?

Enter: Forge3

We’re ahead of the game, and we want to help you get ahead, too.

Since 2004, Forge3 has been helping insurance agencies, carriers and associations advance their relationship building efforts through the use of forward-thinking technology tools like ActiveAgency, Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer and much more.

Let’s shake insurance up! Contact us for more information.