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Keeping it simple (goodbye Safestacks)

Earlier this week, I sent a letter to our Safestacks’ customers letting them know that we’ll be shutting down the platform at the end of January.

Wait. You didn’t know we had a product called Safestacks?

Exactly. And that’s kinda the point.

Safestacks was a web-based app we built to securely store, manage and share sensitive client information like usernames, passwords and more. We built it because we needed it, but later made it available to the public in 2010. Businesses around the world have been using it ever since.

Opportunity knocks

In business, the one thing I’ve learned (the hard way, of course) is that we need to focus on doing what we do best.

So, even though Safestacks produces revenue for us, it has become more of a distraction than anything. This is especially true as we continue to grow and become busier in general.

Simply put, the opportunity cost is now too high for us NOT to shut it down.

Yes, saying goodbye to Safestacks is necessary, but it’s also painful. It’s a realization that all of the hard work we put into creating it is coming to an end.

Could Safestacks have been the next great thing? Maybe. But it’s not. Truthfully, we never gave it the love and attention it needed to get there.

Plus, today, there are other, dare I say better, tools out there to do what we built Safestacks to do. 1Password for Teams is a good option.

I can see clearly now (watch this)

Barbara Corcoran, one of the “sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank, says it best.

Focus on what’s already working in your business rather than what’s not. Play up what you got and forget about what you don’t.

Honestly, it feels good to “clear the decks” and simplify. It’s refreshing.

Shutting down Safestacks is part of this, but we still have a lot ahead in terms of refining the website, better packaging our services, streamlining the tools we use, growing the team, marketing and more.

As promised, I’ll continue to give you an “inside look” at it all. Buckle up!

For now, goodbye, Safestacks.