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Monthly reporting, now included with ActiveAgency

Let’s set the stage:

Your agency has just launched a new ActiveAgency website, and it’s jam-packed with a number of useful (and impressive) sales tools like Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer and much more.

Everything is working great, but you have some questions:

“How do I make sure that all of these tools are working properly?”

“How do I measure traffic on my site?”

“What about SEO?”

“How do I know that my website is secure?”

For someone that is unfamiliar with website analytics and IT, the answers to these questions can be tough to track down.

Until now.

Introducing ActiveAgency reports

ActiveAgency subscribers now receive a full website report on the first of each month at no extra charge. This report provides a thorough look into how your website is performing, what updates were completed, website security, SEO and more.

Monthly reporting, now included with ActiveAgency - 1Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:


You have enough to worry about, so we handle ongoing updates and security patches for each ActiveAgency site. This section of the report itemizes each of the updates that occurred in the previous month.


If everything goes the way it should, your ActiveAgency website should be up and running 100% of the time. We monitor all sites round-the-clock to ensure this. This section of the report lets you know that everything is running as it should be. And, in the rare case that something does go wrong, it will let us know what happened and when the error occurred so we can get things back to normal ASAP.


Not a website analytics pro? Many of us aren’t. This section of the report provides a summary of some of the most important website data for that month (i.e. site sessions, page views, popular pages, referrers, average time on site, and much more). Think of it as website analytics in a nutshell. ;)


ActiveAgency websites are secure. We know this because we perform constant security scans on all sites to ensure it. This section of the monthly report summarizes the results of your website scans over the past month.


Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a buzzword that is thrown around quite a bit. Everyone knows it’s important, but for non-website-professionals it isn’t exactly simple to determine how your website ranks. With this section of the report, it’s made a lot easier.

This section includes a summary of keywords (which are embedded throughout your website content prior to launch), your website’s rank based on these keywords, a list of competitors and more.

Pretty cool, right? We think so too.

Want more information on this new feature? Have questions about ActiveAgency? Contact our team! We’re happy to help.