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Who needs Wi-Fi anyway?

Greetings from Raleigh, NC!

Before I enjoy yet another sweet tea and find a souvenir for the kids, I wanted to share a quick tip.

I have a few hours to kill at the airport. This is often my most productive time…

…as long as I can get online.

At most airports, including Raleigh-Durham International Airport, public Wi-Fi is available. There are just a few problems with it.

First, you might need to pay for it (or for the “good” version of it).

Second, it’s usually super slooooooow since you’re sharing the connection with thousands of your closest traveling friends. Most don’t seem to care that those funny cat videos they’re watching are zapping the speed at which you triage your email. The nerve.

Third, it’s not secure. There have been countless stories of people getting hacked on public Wi-Fi. Tread lightly.

Tethered, fast and secure

The simple solution is in your pocket.

Instead of jumping on public Wi-Fi, tap into the internet connection on your smartphone. Android and iPhone both support this. Since most of you use an iPhone, here’s a short page on Apple’s website explaining how to do it…


Just keep in mind that you’ll be using the data on your smartphone plan. If you go over, at least in the case of my Forge3 AT&T account, it’s $15 per GB.

Happy surfing!