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Notification Bars v2 added to ActiveAgency website platform

Bad stuff happens in the insurance biz. Hurricanes. Floods. Storms. Claims.

Of course, good stuff happens, too! Holiday parties. Awards. Fun office events.

Either way, there’s an easy way to get the word out – Notification Bars!

Introducing Notification Bars v2

ActiveAgency has always included Notification Bars, making it easy to add a little bar across the website with a message.

Today, we’re taking it up a notch. The next version of Notification Bars includes:

  • Date chooser to auto-remove the message on a certain date (woohoo!)
  • Color chooser to set the colors of the bar and text
  • Integrated, linkable buttons
  • Beautiful new display on desktop and mobile

Here’s a screenshot from our ActiveAgency demo site.

Notification Bars v2

I’ve seen agencies use Notification Bars for all types of messages. Here are a few.

Be prepared for the approaching storm! We’re here when you need us most. Call us at 123-555-1212.

Our offices will be closed for the upcoming holiday. However, if you need us, contact us at anytime.

We’ve moved! Our new address is: 123 Main Street, Sometown, USA

…and countless more.

How to create a Notification Bar

This is really simple. Here’s what it looks like within ActiveAgency.

Notification Bars v2 - Edit Screen

And, setting the colors is even easier!

Setting the “Show Until Date” is easy, too! The message appears on the website until the chosen date. Then, it’s gone! Abracadabra.

Notification Bars v2 - Show Until Date

How to get it

If you’re already using ActiveAgency, the new Notification Bars are ready to use! Log in and enjoy.

Want an ActiveAgency demo? Contact us!

Happy notifying!