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Our Forge3 office is everywhere

By May 18, 2011 February 4th, 2019 13 Comments

Technology is great. It helps us do more with less. It creates efficiency. It allows us to communicate with people all around the world. And, more and more, it’s allowing us to work no matter where we are; whether a fancy office or local Starbucks.

I’m writing this article from a Starbucks in Allentown, PA. As I sat down with my Grande Calm tea and laptop, I realized how fortunate I am to have the luxury of working from anywhere. And, it’s real work. Over the last few hours, I took phone calls, sent emails, wrote a proposal and worked on some long-range strategic planning. From a coffee shop. Think about it.

As I look around, it’s clear that things are changing. Almost everyone here has a laptop and phone in front of them. Some are in suits, others casual. The point is that they are working.

At Forge3, I don’t care where our people are most of the time. I trust them. They have the tools they need and I expect them to get their work done. And, guess what. They do.

Can you work remotely? If not, why? The technology exists. Is your company imposing artificial limits to where and when you can work? If so, perhaps it’s time for a change.

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  • Matt Gambino says:

    Jeff, very thought-provoking. I work remotely a significant amount of time. It has its benefits to be sure. But truthfully, I wish circumstances were different. I thrive on the face-to-face interaction that comes with working in an office environment.

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  • Jeff Teschke says:

    I agree, Matt. Nothing can replace face-to-face time. In fact, this is exactly why we're looking for more accommodating office space for Forge3. However, I think having the choice to work remotely is key. If nothing else, the change of scenery can be inspiring!

  • Matt Gambino says:

    Definitely. It's all about choice!

  • Jodi Mcpherson says:

    Saw you featured in an article in Success Mag. Nice.

  • Matt Gambino says:

    Cool! Was wondering when it was coming out. Print or online?

  • Susanna Puntel Short says:

    The nature of my business does not allow me to work remotely. We have two insurance agencies and need to be open at regular times to be accessible to customers who walk in. Although most of our communication with customers is via phone and email, we still have to have the door open. That doesn't mean that our work ends when we close the door at the end of the day. We continue to communicate with customers from everywhere at all times. Although I might appreciate a little more flexibility, I enjoy the face-to-face interactions with customers, and I really like having colleagues to share space, ideas, and energy with.

  • Jeff Teschke says:

    Agreed! Every business is different, but I think having the option to do work from anywhere is important. For example, you should be able to work over the weekend (if you need to!) from anywhere. Why make a special trip into the office unless you absolutely need to, right?

  • Eileen Teschke says:

    I work for one of the oldest Fortune 500 companies out there and the entire premise behind my job is to work remotely from my customers. I have Adobe Connect and a webcam…all I need! But, I also work in an office…best of both worlds!

  • Susanna Puntel Short says:

    Mike uses Log Me On (or In?), which I think is similar. Great minds!

  • Susanna Puntel Short says:

    @Jeff, we surely can work on the weekends! For better or worse….

  • Jeff Teschke says:

    Yep! GoToMyPC and LogMeIn are very similar.