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Life at Forge3 happens fast, especially for the Production Team!

Every day, we do our very best to create unique, customized insurance websites for independent agencies. We handle everything from website content to custom design…while also making sure all of the cool sales tools and techy stuff is working like it should along the way. We don’t miss a beat.

But we don’t just work hard, we play hard, too! Check out some highlights from our latest Team Day to New York City!

By the way, it was AMAZING!

When you go to NYC, why not do it in a stretch limo?

That’s right! This was our ride. We had an awesome stretch limo with a fabulous driver for 14 hours. It was pretty easy for us to get adjusted to this lifestyle!

First stop…carriage ride in Central Park.

Can you really do NYC without riding around Central Park in a horse and buggy carriage? Well, maybe you can if you’re a New Yorker, but we were 100% tourists and proud of it!

New York really does have the best pizza!

This was a must-do for us, and we found the perfect little pizzeria to grab a slice of pizza (or 3) for lunch. And of course we had garlic knots!

A pit stop in Times Square.

Well…what can I say? You have to do it at least one time!

The New York skyline, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in 30 minutes!

We only had a day to see a lot of New York City…so we took a bit of a shortcut. The Beast took us on a heartpounding, bumpy, twisty ride from Pier 83 toward Lady Liberty and back!

A bird’s eye view of Manhattan and beyond.

An oldie, but goodie…our day would not be complete without a climb to the top of the Empire State Building. We even had a little Production Team video broadcast to record this historic day for Forge3!

The concrete jungle above street level.

There is no better way to feel the heartbeat of the city than to walk above street level, among the massive concrete jungle that is New York. We had a great time exploring High Line Park and a visit to Chelsea Market was the cherry on top.

A quick stop at the 9/11 Memorial was a grounding moment.

We all took a moment to remember those we lost on September 11th, 2001.

Dinner at South Street Seaport completed the trip.

After a long day touring New York City in a not-so-shabby stretch limo, we were starved for some good food and NYC people watching. A window table at Cobble & Co. at the South Street Seaport was a great way to take it all in and refuel before our trip back to PA.

This truly was a great day…and a well-deserved one.

This day and other team days are not possible without the trust and confidence our insurance agency clients have in us and our ActiveAgency website platform. It’s awesome hearing how so many love seeing the team behind the company. After all, these are the heroes powering our incredible reputation in the insurance industry.

And a quick shout-out…

As Forge3 continues to grow quickly, it’s so refreshing knowing that our culture continues to be such a priority internally. For that, the Production team and I are grateful! Forge3 truly is a special place.

Want to see what we do next? Follow our next adventure!