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Does social maedia work for insurance agencies?

Does social media work for insurance agencies?

By | Inside Forge3, Insurance, Social Media

There’s no doubt about it, social media is a powerful tool. But when we think of social media, most of us think of large, well-known companies like Wendy’s and Old Spice (just to name a few).

We know it works for the big players, but we’re left with the question:

Does social media REALLY work for insurance agencies?

In short: YES! – but it depends upon how you use it. Read More

LinkedIn has a new look!

LinkedIn has a new look!

By | Inside Forge3, Social Media

As you may have noticed, LinkedIn is looking a little bit different these days. Okay… not just a little bit. A LOT different.

The new design is focused on simplifying user experience and bringing content and conversations to the forefront (think: easier communication with prospective clients). Here are just a few of the new/updated features: Read More

Why you should enable 2FA, or Two Factor Authentication, right now

Why you should enable 2FA, or Two Factor Authentication, right now

By | Inside Forge3, Quick Tips

Surprise! Your email just got hacked.

That’s right. The bad guys got in and reset your password – so you’re stuck on the outside looking in. Now what? Scary thought, isn’t it?

The bad news is that this happens more often these days.

The good news is that we have a powerful tool to fight back. It’s called Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, and more and more services are offering it. Read More

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