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Q: Can I use Facebook ads on a shoestring budget?

More and more people are considering the shift from traditional advertising to social media advertising. There are many benefits. For example, you can reach a very specific audience for not a lot of money. And, unlike traditional ads, everything is trackable. You can see what’s working and what’s not. Let’s take a quick look at the biggest social network on the planet – Facebook. While it’s not rocket science to launch a paid ad on Facebook, it can still be confusing to know where to start, especially with a smaller budget. But, have no fear! You CAN leverage the massive reach of Facebook without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips.

1. Define your objective

Facebook has several options on paid ad objectives.

  • Page Post Engagement: This can be used to boost a specific post that you want people to see above others.
  • Page Likes: Use this option when you want to drive more likes to your page. Just be sure to have engaging content ready to go once you have the audience.
  • Clicks to Website: This is the popular “Learn More” post that we see on our newsfeeds. Sending people to a link is great if you have a landing page to capture their information or a special offer. You’ll also see a spike in your web traffic, which can result in inbound leads and business in the door.

2. Set your budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend either per day or for the lifetime of the ad. If you have a small budget, try allocating your money over a shorter period of time.

3. Define your audience

Narrowing your audience will ensure your ad is reaching the correct people. Or, in other words, you’ll get the best bang for your buck. There is a sweet spot between “too broad” and “too narrow” that you’ll want to consider when selecting the options. Facebook’s ad platform will show you exactly how you’re doing as you create your ad.

4. Get creative with your ad!

Don’t be boring! Think about how you can break through the “noise” of social media with something interesting. Include an engaging image to increase your chances of getting people excited about ad. And, treat your Facebook ad the same way you would any other creative advertisement. Keep your target audience in mind and focus on what action you want them to take to drive your business forward.

This question came to us from Christina B. Have a question? Send it along and we’ll answer it in a future blog!