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Q: How do I get people interested in my blog?

By April 25, 2013 August 20th, 2016 No Comments

Terri wrote in with this question: “I am starting a blog using our new website. What is the best way to get people interested? Asking a question? Posting something related to the season? Just curious how you started yours and how well it took off.” Great question, Terri. Here are a few tips you can incorporate right away.

Give them what they want

Before you start writing, know what your audience wants. Posting weekly articles is great, but if you’re not writing content that people want to read, you’re wasting valuable time. Give them what they want. Here are a few simple ways to find out what might be of interest:

  1. Send out a brief survey to your contact list
  2. Ask coworkers what the most common questions are from clients/customers
  3. Ask your Facebook fans what topics they want to learn more about
  4. Check out your competition to see what they are sharing with their audience

Let them know you’re there

Writing great content is one step. Finding and engaging with your audience is another. There’s no magic solution. It takes consistency and hustle. But, you have to let your audience know that you’re there and that you have valuable information to offer. How? The most important thing you can do to get your blog out to the masses is to capture email addresses on your website. If you’re not doing that, start there. Then, email that list of people each week with all of the great news and content that you’re creating. In short, help as many people as you can and make it fun and interesting.

Keep a pulse on them

As with any form of marketing, you need to know if what you’re doing is working. Is your audience interested in what you have to say? Are they more interested in one topic over another? You can use Google Analytics or email stats to answer many of these questions and more. Check your stats often to see what type of content is getting the most interest and adjust your strategy from there.

Stick with it

If you’re going to start blogging as part of your marketing strategy, commit to stick with it for at least 12 months. It takes a while to build up an audience – especially if you’re starting from the ground level. Give it some time, stick with it, and you will see more traffic to your website, growth of your email subscriber list and eventually qualified leads that can be converted to sales.

This question came from Terri. Thanks, Terri!