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Say hello to Britt!

Hello there!

I’m Brittany Pannapacker, one of the Visual Designers at Forge3.

It doesn’t feel possible that this is my third year being a part of the Forge3 team, but it’s true! Time sure does fly.

Say hello to Britt!

Hello, I’m Britt!

Growing up

Most don’t know this about me, but I used to be a very social and talkative child growing up. Many knew me as quite a chatterbox, never being able to shut me up. My life quickly changed when my dad passed away when I was six years old due to a mass in his lung and many health issues he struggled with since he was very young. Shortly after, my mom started struggling with immense chronic nerve pain and my sister underwent a major back surgery at the age of 15. While my life hasn’t been an easy one, I’ve grown to find that the most difficult of times are opportunities used to strengthen and refine me.

Say hello to Britt! - My older sister with our dog Taffy

My older sister with our dog Taffy.

Say hello to Britt! - My sister and me

Our travel adventures!

Finding my passion

Since I was little I’ve always been intrigued by colors and art. In high school, I was constantly fond of spending time on the computer. My mom had to regularly pull me away from it! I grew enthralled with the possibilities of getting creative while using technology. I believe it was in 10th grade I quickly discovered graphic design was the direction I’d like to go in my career. Once I graduated high school I quickly embarked my journey in becoming a designer.

I attended the community college near my home and later graduated from Liberty University with my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I began my designing career in an internship and tackling freelance projects on the side. While looking through a local business magazine I discovered Forge3 and reached out, hoping that they would have a full-time position so I could find a steadier job. I was delighted when Jeff reached out and had me come in for an interview. And that’s where my journey started with Forge3!

Say hello to Britt! - A pencil handlettering sketch and Britt

I love sketching and designing away from the computer, too!

Say hello to Britt! - Watercolored invitations and handlettered verse cards

Watercolored invitations and hand-lettered verse cards.

What keeps me busy

Outside of work I enjoy keeping busy by hitting the local pond to go ice skating, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, helping out at my church by teaching the kindergarten class and leading the greeting card ministry. Dabbling in watercolor, hand lettering, blogging, photography and roller skating are a few other hobbies I enjoy as well. I also run my side business, creating greeting cards, devotional booklets and other handmade items to sell on my website or in local craft vendor shows.

What I enjoy the most about designing is using the abilities God has given me to help and encourage others. Whether it be creating a website that will help improve revenue for an agency, or designing a greeting card to brighten someone’s day, I love the opportunity to help others with what I enjoy doing most!

Say hello to Britt! - Where I work everyday

Where I work everyday!

Say hello to Britt! - Handlettered Quote

One of my hand-lettered quote designs.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey with Forge3. It’s been quite the ride so far!