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Say hello to Devon!

Pleased to meet you! 👋🏻

My name is Devon Beck and I am the newest member of the Forge3 team.

My official title at the company is Director of Technology, and I’ve been lucky enough to connect with quite a few of you already fielding support requests, but my main role will be adding all of the shiny bells and whistles to ActiveAgency. My goal is to enrich ActiveAgency with additional features that will excite you (and us too!), and continue to provide you with a best-in-class website and digital marketing platform. In fact, I’ve already been busy at work creating the brand new Video Proposals feature. I’m hoping you love it and use it frequently! 😉

I was born and bred in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, a little suburb outside of the state capital, Harrisburg. I’m the youngest of five (!!!) boys… yes, my mother is a saint (and my dad too, I suppose). I currently have 11 nieces/nephews, all awesome and wonderful in their own way. After graduating high school I attended Kutztown University for four years, earning a BFA in Communication Design (Graphic Design). After jumping around a few marketing agencies in the Lehigh Valley and learning how to develop websites along the way, I decided to freelance and moved back to the Harrisburg area. While living here, two major events happened in my life. Most importantly, I married the love of my life Lauren (can I hear an “awwwwwe” from the studio audience?), and second, I connected with a company called 4O1! Creative from the Lehigh Valley, who asked me to do freelance work, and ultimately offered me a partnership.

I moved back to the Lehigh Valley and worked with 4O1! for 5 years until we were acquired by a larger company out of Wyomissing, named Weidenhammer Systems. I was with Weidenhammer for 6 years until I left to be part of the Forge3 team. In these positions I learned a great deal, worked in multiple fields, and honed my skills enough to become a great asset to Forge3 and ActiveAgency. I’m incredibly excited to bring my talents to the team!

My lovely ladies hiking in the Poconos, one of our favorite spots!

My life is full of love. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters, Ava (9) and Emily (6). They are smart, funny, lovely, dynamic, sometimes annoying, personable, gorgeous, (the list goes on) girls! I am incredibly lucky and proud to have these three ladies in my life. We also have a crazy dog, Luna, who hasn’t run away in over five months two weeks. That actually might be my proudest accomplishment! 😂

Lauren and I at a friend’s recent wedding; My kiddos and I relaxing with a movie – I look forward to this every week!

In my spare time I enjoy reading (Stephen King novels especially), running, de-stressing with a good movie or TV show (right now I’m watching Lost for the upteenth time), DIY projects (my wife and I have made updates to every room in our house), and listening to music (I even have a podcast about discovering new music). I just started collecting vinyl records in January 2018, and if I told you how many are already in my collection, you would probably roll your eyes. My wife is a very patient and understanding lady! It has certainly become a passion of mine and I will gladly talk about it to anyone who will listen.

I truly cannot wait to develop and release all of the awesome updates coming your way with ActiveAgency. Stay tuned!

Ava and Emily after an awesome face-painting sesh; The Becks after cutting down the perfect Christmas Tree

My wife and I in Iceland in September 2018, after an epic journey climbing to the top of Glymur, Iceland’s second-highest waterfall. You can’t see it in the pic, but the cliff behind us drops about 650 feet into the river below!

Luna, a.k.a. “Lu-lu Pants” (don’t ask); I love having girls; Me in my version of heaven, a fully-stocked record store!