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Say Hello to Liz Allebach

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Allebach, but feel free to call me Liz for short.

I am a Visual Designer for Forge3, which means I design ActiveAgency websites for Forge3 and our clients.

My passion

Designing is my passion, I live and breath the stuff. I wake up everyday excited about the possibility of creating something new.

I found Forge3 by utilizing their live chat feature on the website. I took a chance and chatted them up, and it worked out! I originally planned on expanding my freelancing business. But, turns out, a full-time design job was available. After meeting the team and learning a bit more about what Forge3 does, I decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. I didn’t want to miss out on the action!

In my position at Forge3, you will find me behind a computer screen designing all the amazing ActiveAgency insurance agency websites Forge3 produces. Additionally, I will be helping out with some of the other internal branding efforts Forge3 has planned. Stay tuned for more on that!

The fun stuff

Outside of work I do a lot of graphic design freelancing, and I enjoy working out, hanging out with my family and friends, and making way too much art for my apartment.

I also love to travel. I have been to Amsterdam, Belgium, France and the UK. Additionally, my family lives all over the United States and I get to travel all over the country to see them. I frequent PHL often on my way to New York, Florida, Texas or Vermont to visit my nieces and nephews!

If you want to follow my Forge3 journey you can follow me on Instagram or connect with me on LinkedIn!