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Say hello to Zack Yurch!

Hello there! I’m Zack. Nice to meet you.

I’m excited to join the growing team at Forge3 as National Sales Manager. But before I get down to work helping our partners, clients and prospects, I wanted to share a bit about me. Here it goes!


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I graduated from Ohio University in 2013 with a degree in Finance. I started out selling custom retail fixtures to large corporate chains (doesn’t that sound exciting?!), before switching to the insurance industry for the last three years. That’s when I bumped into Jeff Teschke, Forge3’s Founder and CEO, as he was keynoting a conference in Orlando. I was immediately intrigued by what Forge3 was doing and made it a point to reach out as soon as I noticed the National Sales Manager position on the Forge3 website.

I’ve always been a sales nerd. I love numbers and sharing my genuine excitement for the groundbreaking solutions Forge3 offers including ActiveAgency, Clickable Coverage and more. It’s such a fun challenge, and is incredibly rewarding to see the amazing response for what we’re doing to “kick the insurance industry in the pants!”


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Outside of my typical 9-to-5 schedule, I’m into flipping houses. In fact, right now, I have a project underway which keeps me busy (and mostly out of trouble!). My family helps with the renovations, so it’s a good way to stay connected with them, too.

I also love books – I usually burn through a few per month. You’ll find me reading just about anything related to sales, real estate or self improvement. I’m totally into that stuff. And, if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll admit that I’m also the biggest Harry Potter fan you’ll ever meet. Don’t test me on trivia. You’ll lose. :)

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and now live in Columbus. This makes me the first Forge3’er located outside of Pennsylvania. To the dismay of my fellow PA-based teammates, I’m a fan of the Cavaliers, Indians and, yes, even the Cleveland Browns. I’m pretty sure we’re heading to the Super Bowl this year. Don’t tell the Steelers.

Outside of work, I stay active playing golf, beach volleyball, running and hitting the gym. I view it as a requirement to burn off the ridiculous amount of Mexican food I consume almost daily.

I’m looking forward to getting up-to-speed and hearing from many of you. Don’t be a stranger. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

It’s great to be here.