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Scarred for life

Connor, our almost-two-year-old little dude spent most of Sunday night in the emergency room.

He was playing with Ella, our 3.5 year old, when he tumbled down two stairs on our deck and hit his head on the plastic sand table, putting two healthy-sized gashes on his perfect little face – one above his left eye, one below on his cheek.

As soon as it happened, my wife and I realized that our perfect little boy would need stitches and would likely be scarred for life.

That stinks.

But, if you have kids, you know how quickly they bounce back (way before us parents do). In fact, he was running around the house, stitches and all, that same night.

No one (or business) is perfect

As strange as it sounds, this underscores why I wanted to share an inside look at some of things we’ll be doing at Forge3 in the weeks and months ahead.

Even though Forge3 has doubled in size this year, we’re far from perfect.

Perfect isn’t the goal. Progress is. Doing the right thing is.

So, why do so many businesses (and businesspeople) pretend to be perfect?

Guess what. We’re human. All of us. We all have scars.

Some scars we can see, others we only feel.

Doing the dirty work…starting now

So, with this perspective, let’s dive in, shall we?

Up first is our Forge3 website. Check it out at

The goal is not to redo our website, but rather focus on the content and cleaning up a few loose ends.

For example, while the services listed throughout the website are accurate, we need to do a better job prioritizing them. “Design & Photography” is a very small percentage of what we do. It shouldn’t be front-and-center like it is currently. So, we have some work to do there.

Speaking of services, the site is missing a big one. Education.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the “Art & Lounge” at Newark International Airport waiting for a flight to Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m doing a LinkedIn training program for a group of new salespeople. Others on our team do the same. A lot.

So, if “Learn. Do. Grow.” is our tagline, then the “Learn.” part is missing from the website. That needs to change.

We also need to do a better job of highlighting some of the industries in which we have quite a bit of experience. Currently, that stuff is buried and too sparse.

And there are little things, too.

The photos at the top of each page need to be less focused on aviation (even though that’s an industry we serve well).

We also need to improve the “on boarding” experience after someone enters his/her email address to join our newsletter. More on this later.

Progress trumps perfection

You may look at and think it’s fine. And it mostly is.

However, if we’re going to be scaling the business and proactively driving more and more people to the website (which is the next step), it needs to make a great first impression and be better reflective of what we do.

With a few adjustments, it will be.

You’ll see.