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Something worth sharing

By April 16, 2014 August 20th, 2016 No Comments

As attention spans get shorter and the online landscape gets more crowded, we’re all competing to be seen and heard. But how? One of the best ways to break through is to share what you know in a visual way. That’s why infographics are all the rage. Content is shareable, visual and easy to understand. Case in point. We used, a free web service, to create a great little infographic based on a recent LinkedIn training program we conducted. Let’s take a look.

“Tell them something they don’t know and tell them quickly.”

That seems to be the recipe for engaging social media content. So, it’s no wonder so many companies are turning to infographics to communicate with their audience.

We were recently invited to West Bend, WI to conduct our LinkedIn training program specifically for insurance producers (salespeople). A few weeks before the session, we sent participants a short survey and reviewed the results as they came in. Here’s what the results of those surveys look like…visually.

We combined the survey data, our knowledge of LinkedIn and deep understanding of the insurance industry to create a great, share-worthy graphic to reach and inform a larger audience.

Give it a try at!