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Start with your message, not social media

By February 19, 2013 February 4th, 2019 No Comments

Last week, we visited with a company in Parsippany, NJ. Their first question after we sat down went something like this, “We need to do a better job on social media. What should we be doing?” Good question. Sort of. That question in itself isn’t wrong. However, the timing is off. Here’s why.

Let’s take a look at our Bicycle Wheel of Business.


As you can see, your “message” (and website) is in the hub. That’s the starting point. What makes you different? Why should people care? Is that “message” so clearly captured on your website that people get excited about it? For most, the answer is no. You can tweet and like all day long, but if your website isn’t getting the message across, what’s the point?

Social media is sexy

We get it. Social media is sexy. It’s what the cool kids are doing and you don’t want to get left out. You’re absolutely right to feel that way. But social media is just a tool to distribute your message. Use it, along with all of the other spokes to engage and drive people to your website and message.

The bottom line

Social media should be part of your game plan. But, start with the message first.