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Staying active on Facebook

By April 23, 2014 August 20th, 2016 No Comments

With Facebook page managers experiencing changes on their post visibility, we’re here to tell you not to panic. There are still various ways to increase your Facebook post visibility and stay active with your followers.

1. Leverage email lists

If your company has an email list, don’t be afraid to send an email out with a link to your Facebook post. By opting into your list, people are indicating that they want to hear from you! This is an additional way to drive traffic to your page and encourage people to interact with a specific post.

2. Geotarget with a paid ad

The advantage of an advertisement on Facebook (see our previous article on Facebook ads) is how specific you can be with the targeting. Facebook has developed such a huge database with access to tons of personal information. There are few media outlets that can guarantee the level of specificity that Facebook offers.

3. Post engaging content

Continue to use a strategic content calendar to plan your daily posts in advance. By planning the work ahead of time, it will be easier to work the plan. Posts will reach more people if they are yielding likes and shares.

4. Tag influencers

Cross-promotion is key for increasing visibility on a post. You can either tag another organization or a key blogger for your industry, encouraging them to share or comment on the post. Another option would be to tag members of your organization to help spread the word.

The bottom line is although Facebook is constantly changing, you can still be visible on the platform. If you’re audience is still on Facebook, you should be there too!