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The apps we use at Forge3

By February 20, 2014 August 20th, 2016 2 Comments

The winter weather has caused a lot of disruption in companies with closings and delays. I can say it’s been snowing since my first day at Forge3 in the beginning of February, but thanks to the technology and apps we employ, we haven’t missed a beat in our production schedule. Here are a few of the apps that I’ve learned about over the past few weeks.

HipChat – This app is an internal instant messaging system, ensuring that all colleagues are able to efficiently communicate from a desktop or mobile device. Group chats can be created or just one-on-one.

Zendesk – Did you get your ticket? No, we don’t mean tickets to a show. Zendesk is a program management system to delegate tasks internally and streamline communication with clients through individualized tickets. There’s nothing more rewarding than ending a day with all of your tickets closed! – Through this easy-to-use screen sharing app, we’re able to connect remotely and collaborate on the same screen. This made getting everything set up on my new computer really easy, even when we were stuck at home watching the snow fly. This is an extremely efficient app for connecting remotely with colleagues or clients. It also seems to be a lot easier to use than the alternatives, like GoToMeeting, etc.

Base CRM – As we continue to meet people who express interest in working with us, it’s important to have an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in place. Base CRM has been a key place for tracking leads and maintaining a record of our progress to increase productivity.

Safestacks – Wondering where I store my new passwords for all of these apps? Safestacks, of course! With this software, you can safely store all of your passwords and easily access them for each app.

UberConference – This is not your average conference call system. It creates a visual platform, allowing you to log in and see when people join, their locations and more. The automatic call report is helpful, too!

So, those are just a few of the apps I’ve been learning about and using here at Forge3 the last few weeks. I have to say, they really do make us super efficient. It’s hard to imagine working without them now!

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  • Tom Knesel says:

    Hi Marissa – great list. We are actually looking at Base CRM to replace Zoho based on your suggestion. One of my "can't live without" apps is Evernote. I've got folders and task lists for just about everything from product ideas, projects and travel, meeting notes, etc. It's all sync'ed across my iPad, iPhone and Mac. Welcome to the building!

  • Marissa Hann says:

    Hi Tom, thanks so much for the feedback and for the suggestion to check out Evernote. Let us know what you think of Base as well. Thank you for the warm welcome and hope you're having a nice week!