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The final results of our Facebook ad

Remember that Facebook ad we created last month? If not, tap here.

In a nutshell, we have two niches – aviation and insurance. On the insurance side, we created Clickable Coverage to help insurance producers (aka salespeople) sell more insurance.

A little more than a month ago, we launched a simple, yet very targeted, Facebook ad promoting Clickable Coverage.

Let’s see how it did.

The ad

First, here’s what our ad looked like.

The final results of our Facebook ad - 1

It was only shown to the audience we defined when setting up the ad initially. Our budget was $500. Learn more about this here.

The results

In short, the ad performed really well.

We reached 10,335 people (in our target audience) and had 439 people visit our website. That resulted in 14 conversions (new customers).

The final results of our Facebook ad - 2

Clickable Coverage is $49/month ($588/year). Let’s do the math…

$588 x 14 new customers = $8,232/year

We spent $500 on the ad, so we’ll subtract that.

$8,232 – $500 = $7,732

So, after our little 30-day experiment, we made $7,732.

Even if we had just one signup (at $588/year), the ad would have been successful. In other words, we would have spent $500 to make $588.

In addition, we had a number of companies contact us as a result of the ad asking about our other services. We call that the “halo effect.”

Digging deeper

Of course, given that this is digital marketing, we have access to some amazing stats. For example, we can see that the ad performed better with males.

The final results of our Facebook ad - 3

And our primary audience appears to be 25 – 54 years of age.

The final results of our Facebook ad - 4

So now what?

What do you think? Should we keep the ad running? Of course we should!

After a few adjustments to the messaging and targeting, we’ll “flip the switches” and start running the ad again.

And we’ll keep running it until it stops working. That’s the beauty of it.

Pretty cool, right?