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The results so far

As I mentioned last week (catch up here), we began running a very targeted Facebook ad for our Clickable Coverage product.

We’re a little more than a week into it.

What do you think? Is it working?

Let’s find out…

Our mighty Facebook ad

As a reminder, here’s what the ad looks like on Facebook.

The results so far - 1

As you can see, we’ve reached 5,689 people (in our chosen target audience) and have a few “likes” and a comment. That’s all well and good, but what about website visits and signups?

The behind-the-scenes numbers (so far)

Of the 5,689 people who have seen the ad, 136 clicked to visit the Clickable Coverage page on

Of those, 7 completed the form to sign up for Clickable Coverage.

The results so far - 2

And, more importantly, we only spent $138.42 on the ad thus far.

Given that an annual subscription to Clickable Coverage is $588, our investment is well worth it. Simply put, if all 7 accounts remain active for at least one year (and hopefully longer), we spent $138.42 to make $4,116.

Not bad, huh?

A deeper look at our audience

What’s interesting is that all 7 of the “conversions” were men, ranging from 25 – 54 years old.

The results so far - 3

We’re keeping a close eye on this and may refine our ad targeting accordingly to maximize our budget throughout 2016.

A full inbox

The bottom line is that it’s working…and working well!

Honestly, it’s fun using a platform like Facebook to reach people who can benefit from Clickable Coverage. It’s the start of new longterm relationships.

And, it’s rewarding to see an inbox full of Clickable Coverage sign ups!

The results so far - 4

Feel like you’re missing out?

Running an ad like this isn’t rocket science, but it can be confusing to do successfully and without wasting money.

To see how it works if we stepped in to help, tap the link below.

We’re just getting started.

I’ll be in touch…