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The storm after the calm

That didn’t take long, did it?

Things are back to “full steam ahead” this week after the holiday break…just when we were starting to get used to having a bit of (gasp) free time.

For me, that means an all-day team meeting on Monday, website project kick-off on Tuesday, client visit in Harrisburg, PA yesterday and another website kick-off today. No rest for the weary, eh?

That’s why I wanted to take the last few weeks of 2015 to work ON the business. And I’m glad I did.

From the inside out

Much of my focus was on better defining and streamlining our services.

The web moves fast, so it requires that we keep up, adjust when necessary and then translate what works (and what doesn’t) to you.

Case in point…

If you visit today, you’ll see that it’s been updated.

A more powerful headline

The main headline has changed from “WEBSITES + MARKETING” to “EMBRACE THE WEB” to be more inclusive.

Here’s what it looks like…

The storm after the calm - 1

Simplified and standardized services

In addition, we consolidated our core service offerings to four areas. You’ll find them listed on the homepage, the Services page and throughout the website.

Again, this now matches how we do things internally…which was the goal.

Here’s what that looks like…

The storm after the calm - 2

Drilling down into Digital Marketing, you’ll see that we standardized on eight core services there, as well.

Here they are…

The storm after the calm - 3

Pretty pictures and kind words

But wait. There’s more.

We updated the imagery throughout the entire site to better reflect Forge3. Click around and you’ll see the photos we chose at the top of each page. In the near future, these images will make their way to our other marketing materials to build brand consistency. Stay tuned.

You’ll also find updated testimonials throughout, like this one…

The storm after the calm - 4

Still more to do

The good news is that we have the core pieces in place. Some of that you can see on the website, and some of it exists only in our internal documentation, marketing sheets and workflows. I’ll share some of that with you in the weeks ahead, as well.

But, we have more to do. For example, the App Onboarding and Training Programs pages need more love…especially if we’re going to be expanding into those areas this year.

I’d also like to see more case studies. We have a ton of great success stories. We just need to take the time to capture them.

Rubber, meet road

Remember, there’s a method to our madness.

We’re doing all of this for two reasons – (1) to maximize the results we get for the businesses we work with, and (2) to position Forge3 for continued growth to support our mission, which is:

We believe that every business, regardless of size or position in the world, should benefit from today’s social and web tech to lead a better life.

I think you’ll really enjoy seeing how things unfold in the weeks and months ahead.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and adventure-filled 2016!