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Untapped potential, using LinkedIn to grow the business

By November 20, 2013 August 20th, 2016 2 Comments

Last week, an accounting firm brought us in to show how to use LinkedIn to make connections and grow the business. The session was short (only 60 minutes), but we covered a lot – including profile optimization, sharing content and finding prospects using search. For us, this is old hat. We’ve been using LinkedIn for years. But for many, including those at the accounting firm, it’s all new. Sure, everyone there HAD a LinkedIn account (mostly to accept connection requests), but none of them were actually USING LinkedIn. And that’s not uncommon. If you’re like them and are not yet USING LinkedIn, here are a few tips.

Profile Optimization

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Is your headshot current? Do you even have a headshot?

How about your summary? Is it accurate? Is it written in the first person?

Is your experience up-to-date? How about your education, awards and projects?

What would people type into search to find you? Are those keywords spread throughout your profile?

In short, your profile represents you. People will see it and make assumptions about who you are. Be sure that you guide their thinking in the right direction by having a complete, up-to-date and impressive profile.


Have something to say? Use LinkedIn. When you post status updates, your connections see them. That helps you stay in front of them, and, over time, demonstrates expertise and establishes credibility – the foundation of meaningful relationships.

Not sure what to say? Share content that you find online. It could be a New York Times article, upcoming event or an inspirational quote that someone else posted. Or, think about what you do. What questions do you get from customers?

There are a TON of sharable tidbits in your life. Look around, don’t overthink it and be sure to share content that represents you.


By far, this is the most powerful feature in LinkedIn.

True story… We wanted to get into two very large, well known companies. However, we didn’t have any connections into those companies. So, we did a quick search in LinkedIn, found a list of people within the companies and reached out via connection requests. Within a week, we were sitting down with both companies. Really. It was that easy.

So yes, it works.

LinkedIn search is extremely powerful and flexible. You can find just about anyone within a few seconds. Then, it’s up to you to reach out with a compelling reason for them to talk with you. Don’t sell. Work on the relationship first.

LinkedIn Accelerator – we’ll show you this and more

Think about the potential hidden within LinkedIn. What would it mean for your business if you could unlock the power of LinkedIn?

Perhaps that’s why our LinkedIn Accelerator is so popular. If you’re looking for focused, one-on-one help to get the most out of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Accelerator is worth a look.

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