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What do you think so far?

Happy Thanksgiving! Better late than never, right?

As I promised the last few weeks (read the articles here if you’d like to catch up), I thought it would be helpful to share some of the changes we’re making within Forge3.

Most companies hold this stuff “tight to the vest,” but I view it as an education experience for all who want to take this little journey with us.

So, let’s embark, shall we?

F3 phone home

Since all roads lead to the website, we’re starting there.

This is especially important since we’ll be tapping into digital marketing (social media, paid ads, etc.) in the months ahead. Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing an inside look at that, as well.

Visit forge3.com and see if you notice any changes.

Here’s a screenshot…

What do you think so far? - 1

Services with a smile

First and foremost, we’re primarily a services company. So, when people visit forge3.com, we need to tell them what we do.

Simple enough, right?!

Before, we had Website Development, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Campaigns and Design & Photography.

Here’s what we have now…

What do you think so far? - 2

Why the change? The main reason is to clarify what we do.

This isn’t only important for people new to Forge3, but also for how we package up and execute our services internally. Technology is confusing enough. It doesn’t need our help to make it more confusing!

Digging a little deeper

You’ll find those four service areas on the forge3.com homepage as well as under the Services menu. Each is clickable (or, more commonly these days, tappable), and takes you to additional information.

And that’s the next step.

Typically, we NEVER recommend putting “coming soon” messages on a website. Based on experience, they tend to never “come.”

However, in the spirit of keeping the process transparent, and so I can show how we build out the website in the upcoming weeks, you’ll see that the pages for App Onboarding and Training Programs aren’t very impressive. Yet.

Even the Website Development and Digital Marketing pages will be expanded.

Putting our best foot(er) forward

We also updated the footer to reflect our internal mission statement, which is:

We believe that every business, regardless of size or position in the world, should benefit from today’s social and web tech to lead a better life.

…and made other refinements throughout. There’s plenty left to do, though.

By the way, we still need to tweak the main headline text front-and-center on the homepage. Websites + Marketing is solid, but doesn’t capture everything. So, we have some homework to do there.

More on this stuff later.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming (watch this)

The first step is always the hardest. Stay tuned for the next one.

So far, so good?