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What it's like to go viral

Seeing Bigfoot or having a video “go viral” on social media?

What’s more likely?

A case study in the making

On January 25th, a few days after winter storm Jonas dumped 30+ inches of snow along the East Coast, my colleague Monika sent this simple email to our friends at Nazareth Pallet Company…

“Maybe you have some cool shots of the snow rake removing snow off of the trailers?”

We send emails like this each week as a reminder for clients to keep us in the loop on what’s happening. That way, we can do a better job reflecting the company online.

That same afternoon, they sent a 47 second video of the snow rake in action, shot on an employee’s iPhone. We posted it to Facebook.

Within hours, it took off.

The results

Just a few weeks later, this simple video has been…

  • Watched 103,000+ times
  • Shown to 288,000+ people
  • Liked 673 times
  • Shared 2,375 times
  • Commented on 94+ times

…and we didn’t pay Facebook a dime.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on Facebook…

What it's like to go viral - 1

FYI: Tap the screenshot above to see the live post and watch the video on Facebook.

And here’s what the “video views” chart looks like…

What it's like to go viral - 2

Fringe benefits

Besides the great exposure, there are other benefits, too.

Overall reach and brand awareness skyrocketed, website traffic increased and the number of Likes on the Nazareth Pallet Company Facebook page jumped, as you can see here…

What it's like to go viral - 3

What have we learned?

The best content is the simplest. A peek behind-the-scenes always performs well. We’ve seen this over and over again. This is another perfect example.

It’s still possible to reach an audience without paying for the exposure. Sure, it’s becoming rare, but it’s doable. It’s all about the content.

Digital marketing is part art and part science. We have control over some aspects of it, but not everything…like when or how something like this happens.

Right now, videos do really well on social media. If you have a chance to inject them into your content strategy, do it!

Pretty cool, right?